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Custom Cerakote and Laser Engravingt

WW Vinyl

Sharps Brothers Warthog Masking Stencils

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  • High Temp Vinyl Stencil able to withstand 200 degree oven cycles
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA by WW Vinyl 
  • Perfect for your Cerakote, Gunkote, or Durakote application
  • 1 9x12 sheet of stencil filled with different sizes of commonly requested logos or symbols 
  • Cut from top quality Avery high temp vinyl on state of the art equipment
  • These are the very same stencils we use in our shop everyday.
  • This vinyl stock is able to withstand 200 degree baking cycles without leaving glue residue or shrinking, which makes it perfect for use in your refinishing oven.
  • We do not weed your sheets, so you will receive both the male and female portions of your stencil so you can decide how you want to use them and your stencils will go further versus purchasing from somewhere that only gives you a portion of your sheet.
  • The photos were refinished in our shop using the exact same stencils you are purchasing.
  • These stencils are designed for single use