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Custom Cerakote and Laser Engravingt

Drop off/Pick up with NO online order

This one is for the locals who don't want to place an online order and want to drop off and pick up their project. 

Here we go:

  1. Pick out what you want done.  You can see lots of options by visiting the OUR WORK section. The camo patterns in PATTERNS section are all labeled if you are picking camo.  For single colors, you can use the name or color code provided by following CERAKOTE COLORS section of the site.
  2. Come visit us at the time you select to drop your project off, you can either bring your completed WORK ORDER with you, or you can fill one out at the shop when you arrive.  Be sure to include as much detail as possible about what you would like to get done.
  3. Sit back, relax and give us a few weeks to work our magic and create the finish you have been dreaming of.
  4. All on the same day, you will receive a notice your project is complete, photos of your project, and an invoice for your work all via e-mail.
  5. Come and pick your project up at a time that is convenient for you.
  6. Come and pick up your project, show all your friends, and make sure to tell them where you got it done.


  • Couple of notes:
  • You can either pay the invoice via the link we send you or you can pay for your project when you come and pick it up.  We accept all major cards and cash.
  • We greatly appreciate any recommendations or reviews you can give us through Google, Facebook, or word of mouth, it would help us more than you know.
  • If you post your work on social media, please tag us so we can repost your project, our handle on all platforms is @weaponworksllc
  • We send out a sticker pack with several business cards with all of our projects, the stickers are for you, a card is for you, the rest are for your friends.
  • If you did not have an account on our website before, you will once you receive your project back, you can access it using your email address and the temporary password wwllc11
  • Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to be part of your project!

If you have any questions that this did not answer, don't hesitate to CONTACT US, We are here to help!!