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Custom Cerakote and Laser Engravingt

At this time we are only doing stipple/texture work on Generation 2-5 black Glock Frames.


We start by carefully removing the factory texture and by polishing the polymer to ensure that the areas where we will be applying the stippling will be smooth.  After preparation, your frame is placed under our high-powered fiber laser and your choice of our stippling texture is applied by burning material away from your frame. This gives you a significant improvement over the factory texture and makes your frame more abrasive and easier to keep on target. 


Our laser stippling package includes:


-Your choice of texture applied to your Gen 2-5 black Glock frame with our fiber laser.  The laser’s precision ensures crisp, clean borders and textures.


-The sides and front strap wrap around your frame in one of our signature designs.


-The back of your frame will not wrap around, it will be done independently from the sides and front. This ensures that you maintain the ability to use the factory Glock multiple backstrap system.


-Your frame’s index point will be textured to match the rest of your frame, giving you a reference point that will help you maintain a consistent grip.


-Both single and double undercuts are available as an add-on that will allow you to get both hands closer to the bore, improving your ability to control the handguns recoil.


-Laser Stippling is only available on Gen 2-5 black Glock frames.


 Laser Stippling Pattern Videos:



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