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Custom Cerakote and Laser Engravingt


MC Arid PGD-Arch Ballistic Helmet in Cerakote GEN II NIR Coatings

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This is the first and only helmet available using Cerakote Gen II Infrared masking coatings!

This listing is a L MC Arid shell with Coyote Tan furniture.

-IIIa Rated for up to 44 magnum

-Coated in Cerakote Gen II NIR Non infrared reflective coatings in house at Weapon Works

-All Furniture is coated with Cerakote Gen II NIR coatings in house at Weapon Works

-NIJ Tested and Certified for the Cerakote process

-Comes with Unity Tactical Summit Shroud, the front shroud is compatible with the Wilcox, Norotos, Cadex and similar night vision mounts.

-The ARCH helmet comes standard with a high quality suspension system with BOA dial and Duraflex buckles for a quick, secure fit.

-Comes with the ARCH 10-pad system will shape to your head in 2-3 seconds and feels like a "aircrew" helmet. This is achieved through the implementation of our proprietary 10-pad memory foam technology, which delivers unbeatable comfort while simultaneously reducing the impact of blunt force trauma.

-The rails are made with a unique polymer + glass-fiber composition that offers higher tensile strength and lighter weight than all common die-cast metals to include Aluminum, Magnesium and Zinc.

-Comes with a full adhesive velcro kit that is not installed, so you can set your velcro configuration to fit your needs.


Our rails are compatible with the following headset adapters: 3m Peltor, Sordin, Ops-core AMP arms, Earmor, and any similar system. Additional accessories can attach to the helmet via provided Velcro or the rail system


The ARCH ballistic helmet from PGD body armor is made in woven aramids, making this resistant to some of the most advanced ballistic threats. Made in high cut with front mount and picatinny rail system, the helmet has a wide range of opportunities for accessory upgrades.

The ARCH ballistic helmet has a low weight starting at only 1.15 kilo for a size large (without accessories), making this a very lightweight helmet.

Tested to the modified NIJ standard 0106.01 against .44 magnum and .357 SIG. (NIJ IIIA). Furthermore, the helmet is V50 tested according to STANAG 2920 at 660 m/s against fragments and shrapnels.


The ARCH helmet weighs only L(2.97 lbs), XL(3.06 lbs) for the complete helmet system. This makes the ARCH helmet, one of the lightest aramid ballistic helmets on the market. The superior weight-to-protection ratio allows for a greater mobility during use without sacrificing the ballistic performance.


The ARCH is tested according to following ballistic threats:


  • NIJ 0106.01 standard with IIIA 0101.06 threats: .44 magnum and .357 SIG.
  • NIJ 0106.01 standard with IIIA 0108.01 threats: .44 magnum and 9 mm FMJ.
  • V50 STANAG 2920: 660 m/s
  • 50% reduction in Back Face Deformation (BFD) against 9 mm (HPW-TP-0401.01B IIIA)


Cerakote Gen II Coatings are the next generation of firearm coatings developed specifically for military small arms and crew-served weapon applications where a capability is needed to manage the visual and near-infrared signature while at the same time enhancing durability, reliability and maintainability. In addition to the signature management capability, Cerakote Gen II offers superior wear and corrosion resistance under a wide variety of adverse environmental conditions likely to be encountered in all theaters of operation. Cerakote Gen II is designed to conform to the NIR reflectivity standards outlined in MIL-DTL-44436.