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Emissary Development Handbrake Mini M-LOK

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Handbrake Mini M-LOK

  • Miniaturized version of the original Handbrake
  • Optimized for setups where forward hand placement is required
  • Features the same enhanced ergonomics and control dynamics as the original Handbrake
  • Utilizes proprietary texture pattern
  • Anti-slip bottom ledge
  • Built-in front and rear barricade stop
  • Made in the USA

Meet the all-new

Handbrake Mini

Encompassing all of Handbrake’s unique features, in a smaller, lighter package.

Meticulously engineered

Designed with tapers and dimensions optimized for high-performance rifle setups.

Emissary Handbrake Hero
Emissary Handbrake Hero

Purpose built

Excellent for setups where forward hand placement is required.

Emissary Handbrake Hero

Texturized for grip

Handbrake Mini utilizes our proprietary texture pattern for a perfect blend of traction and comfort.

Emissary Handbrake Hero

Built-in barricade

Handbrake Mini features both front and rear
built-in barricade stops.

Handbrake Mini 22g
Magpul® AFG M-LOK 34g

Ultra light-weight.

Handbrake weighs less than 1 ounce, including hardware.

Handbrake Dimensions


Built for M-LOK

Officially licensed by Magpul Corporation

American Made

Made in the USA

100% American made with American materials


Lifetime Warranty

Our guarantee covers any manufacturers defect