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Our Foam:
•Is custom laser cut for your firearm so your items will be secure and will not move during transport.
•Can be made with block outs to accommodate future accessory upgrades, if there are still accessories to be added.
•Is made from top quality polyethylene material that is closed cell and will not absorb any of the oil, dirt, & grease on the items stored in the case.
•Has excellent strength and tear resistance so your foam will still look new after years of use.
•Superior resistance to common solvents & lubricants used to clean firearms, therefore the chemicals used to clean your gun will not destroy your foam.
•Will not break down and leave a sticky residue on your items unlike the open cell foam that comes standard in most cases.
•Is easy to clean after you put grease covered guns inside, warmwater and rag will do the trick.
•Impervious to mildew, mold, rot, and bacteria so there is no worries when used in harsh environments.


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  • Standard Rifle Case Standard Rifle Case Standard Rifle Case

    Standard Rifle Case

    Our custom laser cut foam cases are made of from a closed cell polyethylene material that will not absorb any of the oil, dirt, or grease. The foam has excellent strength and tear resistance. It will not break down and leave sticky residue on your...

    $145.00 - $175.00
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