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Throw In Builder Set Finish

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  • MC Crimson
  • MC Black
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Now you can pick your color set for throw in pricing, simply select your favorite shades when adding the item to your cart.

A camo or pattern finish at our throw in pricing. Here is a description of what throw in pricing is:
1- You get your camo at a sizable discount on just the main parts.
2- You have no say whatsoever in patterns you will receive
3- You will receive whatever pattern we are spraying at the time, we just throw it in with the batch we are working on. (hence throw in)
4- All items have to be clean and 100% dissassembled for this pricing. We do not offer diss/ass for this
5- We will not use any bright or crazy colors, it will be our normal patterns and color sets
6- We will not coordinate with you for shipping times so you can receive a pattern you choose.
7- Turnaround should normally be 1-3 weeks, however, it depends on our work volume at the time

 Free ground return shipping (up to $15) when you place and pay for your order online, if you choose invoice upon completion, you will be charged return shipping on your final invoice

 Please include a copy of our work order with your shipment. Check out our pattern page for some of the options that you might get.